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A Unique Childbirth Preparation Experience

Learning to prepare in your heart not your head for labor!


What you really need to know to give birth.

Have you heard that women SCREAM and FREAK OUT during labor? Well, it doesn't have to be that way! Giving birth is as much about your mindset as it is a physical process. You can learn to shift your mindset and get out of your head (stages of labor) and into your body! You can't "think" your way through labor. Learn mindfulness practices, labor positions, and a bag of tricks that work to help you navigate any kind of birth and the unexpected events that may arise.

Labor Prep Not Like the Movies?

The hilarious drama of labor practice for Lucy!

Do you feel like something is missing in childbirth preparation?

Nurturing the relationship with your partner is crucial to setting healthy expectations and working as a team to get through those . . . sleepless nights and . . .  many poopy diapers.  Get your "Couple's Expectations" guide inside! 

The nitty gritty details of what's inside:

The course is divided into modules and will be sent to your inbox weekly so you can move through the course at your own pace.  There are PDF downloads to reference during your labor.

Learn about the binge worthy videos below!

Who will deliver your baby and support your labor? 

I know you want to feel safe and comfortable with your support team.  It is important to think about who will be in your sacred space to deliver your baby and help you cope with the intensity of labor. 

You will learn about different care providers and labor support, their roles during birth, and options of places to help you decide the best place for you to birth your baby.  

Worried about the pain of labor?

I understand!  You don't have to be screaming . . . and FREAKING OUT during labor!  Through live video calls, you will dig deep within and explore what you already know to do to cope with pain.  Learn what your brain and body does when you experience stress and the unknown.  You will learn the "pain coping" mindset and mindfulness practices to begin to retrain your mind, deepen your determination to cope with intensity, and get out of your head.  Together, we explore ways to work with the pain of labor without creating mental suffering.

How to prepare for any type of birth and the many unknowns.

Learn about all aspects of labor, pushing, hormones and physiology, wise and compassionate uses of interventions, labor positions, partner support, preparing for cesarean birth, and much more! 

Pregnancy brain IS real and it is difficult to remember everything you have learned to prepare for labor. You will get beautifully designed info-graphics to have with you to reference including; Stages of Labor, Partner Support, Tips for Labor, How to Have Peace in Labor.

Wondering how to prepare your mama heart for labor and birth?

Preparing your heart for motherhood is as important as preparing your baby’s nursery. I will guide you through a visualization to imagine yourself as a parent and then share part one of a story of a strong and courageous woman. Her heroic journey parallels the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. You will take time for reflection on your own transition as you discover ways her story can guide you and your partner to process and embrace the rite of passage through birth and the postpartum transition.

Wondering how to support as the partner?

I have you covered! You will learn valuable information about the atmosphere of labor, ways to engage and support mama, as well as maintaining peace within yourself when stress and chaos arise. 

You may be struggling with cravings, food aversions, and nausea . . . 

Eating healthy during pregnancy is important but can be very hard, especially when all you are craving is french fries, carbs, and ice-cream!  Even a certified health coach struggled to eat vegetables!  She shares her story inside.   You will learn tips to stay motivated to eat healthier and sneak healthy foods into your diet. Also, learn about herbs to support your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing.  

Thinking about feeding your baby?

There are many questions, concerns, and stigmas that arise while learning to feed your baby. Get your questions answered, learn breastfeeding positions, and to recognize a proper latch while sitting cozy on your couch!

If you are not planning to breastfeed, you will feel supported while hearing from a mama about her experience letting go of nursing and deciding to exclusively bottle-feed.

It's time to set up your nursery!

It's an exciting and fun time! Whether you have designated a certain room in your house or are creating a nook in a room for your new baby, enjoy learning tips to help you as you dream!

I know you are busy and feeling overwhelmed preparing for your birth and baby! This course is for you and can be accessed anytime from anywhere!

Nice to meet you!

Shalene Massie; CD, CBE

Hi, I'm a wife, mother of 2 girls, certified Doula and Childbirth/ Postpartum Educator.  I have been mentoring parents since 2012 along their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.  

I am an advanced certified mentor through Birthing From Within®, owner of Rhythm of Birth Doula Services and Childbirth Education, creator of Postpartum Journey e-course, and lead coordinator of the NRV Birth Collective.

You may be thinking. . .

“I am not sure I will have time, I feel overwhelmed with getting ready for the baby”.  

  • Much of the information is most helpful to know during pregnancy. There are audio downloads to make it convenient to listen and learn on the go or while you are preparing the nursery!
  • You can skip around through the course and view the videos that seem most important to you now and view the other videos, to serve as reminders and guides, when you have your baby.
  • You will have full, lifetime access to the courses. If the courses should ever "close", you will be notified and have time to finish viewing the modules and get all of the downloads.
  • Having attended hundreds of births, I have seen these practices and strategies work to lower interventions and help you maintain a peaceful mindset during labor.  While it’s impossible to know exactly how your birth will unfold, you will have the tools you need to respond with grace and peace through the chaos and unexpected.

“My pregnancy brain is real and I may forget to access the course”. 

  • I have you covered!  I fully understand pregnancy brain.  My midwife kept telling me I had it during pregnancy and I tried to deny it.
  • I will e-mail you weekly to remind you to access each module of the course and tell you abut live calls and how to join.

"I'm already taking a birth class. Do I need this one?"

  • There are many types of childbirth education. Most classes focus on what could happen, but few focus on how to cope with the intensity of labor.  
  • Many childbirth classes lean toward a specific birth outcome.  Rhythm of Birth is a non-outcome focused approach and prepares you however you plan to birth!  These courses are a wonderful complement to other classes you may be taking, e.g. a hospital class.

"I'm considering an Epidural (or other pain management). Do I need this course?"

  • The short answer is yes. You may have picked up on this course prepares you for all types of birth. Experiencing labor is more than just contractions: there’s fatigue, nausea, anxiety, medical navigation and the UNKNOWN.  
  • For both you and your partner; preparing mentally and emotionally for birth and postpartum is crucial for any birth scenario.  These practices will also help you navigate those early years of parenthood!

“There is so much to buy for getting ready for the baby; I don’t have the extra cash.” 

  • I want to make this as affordable as possible for you to have all of your questions answered (even the ones you don’t know you have) and have the support you need as you welcome your baby. 
  • There is a payment plan option of 4 payments of $70. 
  • You, your birth,  your baby, and your postpartum experience is WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

~ Justine, "Seasoned" Mom

"This course really prepared our hearts and minds for the birthing process. I am a firm believer now that there's a bigger battle that goes on with your mind and how you will respond to the pain. The live "Pain Coping" calls were very helpful and prepares you to be confident and cope with the intensity of labor, whether you are planning to birth medicated or naturally."

~ Jesseca- New Mom

"I have found this course extremely helpful in preparing for both the practical and emotional elements of birth and the postpartum period. The story of “Inanna” had a strong impact on my preparation for birth and postpartum."

~ Vanessa- New Mom

"This course was well worth the time and money. I really used the mindfulness coping techniques I learned in this course to remain calm and cope with labor."

~Tiffany- Seasoned Mom

"It surprised me how helpful the labyrinth part of the e-course was. When I started the process of the labyrinth, I realized that I had to get past the threshold of fear in order to enjoy and embrace the journey of childbirth and motherhood. I also realized that before entering the journey I had to trust; trust in my body and my husband. The labyrinth helped me process my fears and left me feeling encouraged and ready to embrace birth and motherhood with a new perspective."

My Shower Gift to You!

Let's chat for 30 minutes over hot tea. 

You can ask me anything and I will guide you, help you process your birth,  encourage you, and answer your questions.

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