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Rhythm of Birth doulas are passionate about empowering women to give birth, having supported over 200 families!

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Shalene and Kimberly work together to support you during pregnancy and share call to ensure you have the best support during your birth. You will meet both of us during the initial interview.

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Shalene Massie; CD, CBE

Shalene is a wife, mother of 2 girls, certified Doula and Childbirth/ Postpartum Educator.  She has been mentoring parents since 2012 along their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.  

She is an advanced certified mentor through Birthing From Within®, owner of Rhythm of Birth, creator of Rhythm of Birth & Postpartum Journey e-courses, and lead coordinator of the NRV Birth Collective.

Kimberly Reese; CD

Kimberly is a wife, mother of 4, and doula.  She is completing her training through DONA.

She is excited to partner with Rhythm of Birth to offer dedicated and compassionate care to growing families!




"I had the pleasure of working with both Shalene and Kimberly during my pregnancy. They are each a calming presence, kind, compassionate, good listeners, and a great support system. The women in my life had either never given birth or had not experienced childbirth for decades. It was beyond helpful to have the confidence of women who would check in with me, normalize my feelings, and offer me solutions to my worries or pains. There were some unexpected twists throughout my pregnancy and birth, of course, such as turnover of midwives at the practice I used, severe sciatica pain throughout pregnancy and birth, and being induced which led to a long labor. I truly do not know how I would have gotten through these obstacles if not for these two, and at times that just meant having them there to literally and figuratively hold my hand. I am not the best advocate for myself or the most decisive person, and it's easy to get swept away in the busyness and confusion of doctor's visits and a hospital birth. The Rhythm of Birth team made sure that I was heard and that I stayed in touch with my wants and needs. Additionally, my husband, who had concerns that having a doula would lessen his importance during delivery, felt like he was able to be more helpful with their guidance than he would have ever been without. He also now shares the sentiment that he "doesn't know what people do without a doula."

New Mom

Meet Shalene

I began to hear my call to birth work when I became pregnant with my daughter Abigail in 2008. I met a Doula and hired her to assist in my birth. As I was pregnant, I thought about the women I met living in South Sudan. I reflected upon the many women who give birth in Africa and other developing countries without the option of medicine or the care of a doctor. I am amazed by their primordial, instinctual, knowing and awareness of their bodies, moment to moment.  As I support women in birth, I help to cultivate this knowing and awareness.

I received amazing support from my Doulas and my husband during both my births. As a doula and birth educator, during my second pregnancy with Sierra, I embodied the pain coping practices I teach.  In active labor, in the car through a blizzard, I remained deeply present and mindful. My Doula/massage therapist supported me as my husband guided us through the snow to our home where my daughter was born in a birth pool.  Through their support and trusting in God's design of my body, both my birth experiences were beautiful and empowering. I truly felt like a strong warrior in each moment.

I believe every woman has the strength and knowledge within herself, and with the help of her birth team, to give birth mindfully and beautifully.  Birth is an amazing and mysterious journey that a woman remembers the rest of her life.  

I look forward to mentoring you on your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey!

~ Shalene

Catch a glimpse of my second birth on Laura Swift Photography's blog.

Living in South Sudan

Shalene's experience living in the culture of South Sudan gave her valuable insight into a woman's natural instinct to give birth and nurture her baby through the postpartum transition. Reflecting on her experiences living with her young baby in Sudan motivated her to create Rhythm of Birth and Postpartum Journey e-courses.

"I didn't have a guide or resources neatly packaged to help me prepare for labor and navigate life after birth.  I wish I had these online courses to guide me to have peace of mind during labor and caring for my baby!" - Shalene

In our culture of much information, it can be confusing knowing what and who to trust for guidance and support. Through childbirth and the postpartum transition, Shalene will help you cultivate inner knowing as you prepare for birth, and nurture and guide your newborn.

Meet Kimberly

I attended my first birth 11 years ago while I was four months pregnant with my first child. Helping care for the expectant mother gave me so much fulfillment. In the time since, I have offered and been able to assist in many friends’ births. As my passion grew to learn and embrace doula work, my very busy teaching career prevented me from regularly pursuing this wonderful opportunity. Although I loved teaching art and yearbook for 14 amazing years, I decided to leave my first dream and move on to my next: becoming a doula.

During the birth of my 2nd child, my body began to push my baby out without me trying and without the doctor in the room. It was in that moment that I realized what our bodies are capable of. I wanted to learn all that I could to help other women harness their inner strength. Now, I have that opportunity.


Kind Words

Sweet testimonies from clients at an event celebrating supporting over 100 births! Please excuse the chatter in the background.

A Unique Childbirth Preparation Experience- Online Course Testimonies

"The labyrinth process surprised me with how it helped me release my fear as I anticipated labor and postpartum."- Tiffany, mom of 3


Begin preparing for your postpartum transition!


Postpartum Preparation- Online Course Testimonies

"These courses taught me to slow down, stay present, and really reflect on the time following the birth of my baby. I learned that there are a wide range of emotions, all of which are very real. The story of Inanna was a powerful metaphor for the psychological transition from the pre- to postnatal period. It is a reminder that I, too, will one day have a story to share about this very sensitive time in my life."- Holly, mom of 2


Begin preparing for your postpartum transition!


Rhythm of Birth Training:

  • Birthing From Within® Mentor and Doula Certification
  • Birthing From Within® Advanced Mentor Certification
  • Birthing From Within® Graduation Ceremony and Training
  • DONA Training
  • Postpartum Depression Training
  • Birth Story Listening Training
  • Breastfeeding Workshop
  • Claire Marie Miller, "Nurturing the Mother" Certification
  • NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation)
  • Midwife Assistant Apprentice 

Guest Speaking

Shalene and Kimberly have a passion for sharing deep knowing, information, education, and support to empower you on your birth preparation journey. We would love to speak at your event/ class about the role of a Doula, our classes, and your heart preparation for your birth and parenthood. Contact us to schedule your event.

Birth Your Business

In the process of growing Rhythm of Birth since 2011, I, Shalene, have fallen in love with business, marketing, networking, creating a brand, and website/ online presence that helps my clients find me to serve them on their journey.  I also have a passion for helping female entrepreneurs create a beautiful online presence and bring their passions to life to serve their clients!  Visit my web design website! 

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