This program is designed to help expecting women prepare their abdominal wall and pelvic floor for pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery after delivery.  The Prenatal Core Training systematically and safely rebuilds the internal core muscles and then effectively prepares the pelvic floor for delivery.  This is a perfect program for any expecting mom and is especially popular with women who had difficult previous deliveries, c-sections or excessive tearing and want a better experience.  This  program is also very helpful for women who have a diastasis and are now pregnant and do not want the separation to become worse.We recommend that women do not begin this program until they are in their 2nd trimester of their pregnancy. This is a great option for those of you who need this information and training but are unable to meet with us in person.

Core Foundations 8-week Online Training Program

This program was developed to work with anyone with core weakness, low back pain, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness or just a poorly functioning core.  People with sciatica, prolapse, prostate issues, sacro-iliac instability, rib pain, abdominal hernias, upper back pain and in need of birth recovery will also benefit from this program.  Core Foundations builds the foundational strength of the internal corset muscles and gradually integrates that essential strength into your everyday life. This is a great option for those of you who need this information and training but are unable to meet with us in person.

I, Shalene, have done this online program to heal my diastasis recti and core postpartum.  It is a great program to strengthen your postpartum core.  

The Tummy Teams comprehensive program includes:

  • Over 5 hours of video education that is broken up into small educational videos that you view each week of the program.
  • Comprehensive instructions that explain what you are to do each week and encourage and support you every step of the way.
  • Downloadable handouts that remind you of the stretches, exercises and daily progression of the program.
  • Our Core Foundation On-line Program begins the moment you register. You can begin right now or buy now and wait to register when you are ready!
  • Your personal membership will progress you through 8 weeks of step by step Tummy Team core training.

Abdominal splints are not included but highly recommended. 

Visit The Tummy Team website to view recommended splints and to register for the program. 

    Fit 2B Exercise Program

 It all starts within your core… What we believe about Fitness…

… is that fitness starts on the INSIDE at the core level. True fitness isn’t about the size of your six-pack or the bulge of your biceps. True fitness is performing the basic functional activities of your everyday life with confidence, balance and strength. True fitness is volunteering to set up sandbags in your flooded community. True fitness is the ability to say yes to jumping on a trampoline with your child and grandchildren without any fear of injuring or soiling yourself. When you are “fit to be” chasing the dreams placed in your heart that fulfill the purpose you have here on Earth, that is true fitness. True fitness is living a life of healthy abundance in diet, lifestyle, faith, family, friends, and physical well-being.

Fit 2B is an exercise program online to help you transition from rehab to exercise.  I am a member and enjoy the tummy safe workouts!

Visit Fit 2B to view the workouts and to become a member to access the videos. 

What if you could improve your pelvic floor, strengthen your core, and get that healthy, sexy body you always dreamed about?
And what if I told you that you could do it from the comfort of your home, from your schedule, and even working around your kids?

Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not! You CAN have this                                               

I, Shalene, am a member of Core Exercise Solutions and am implementing her Pelvic Floor Program to heal and regain strength postpartum.  I am noticing better pelvic floor function and improvement in every day life!  Sarah is a great teacher and this is a valuable program!

Meet Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall

Sarah has over 15 years of experience helping patients overcome injury. With a Doctorate and Masters in Physical Therapy, plus years of experience as a Personal Trainer, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the health and wellness field. Along with her educational background, Sarah competed in track and field for Clemson University. Being a collegiate level athlete gave her a passion for training hard and striving to accomplish high reaching goals. She is now an avid adventure sports enthusiast, wife, and mother. Her blend of experience and education allows for a unique approach for solving problems. Sarah enjoys both teaching continuing education for professionals as well as presenting to community groups. She is working hard to change the world of injury one patient at a time.

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What you get access to immediately:

  • Core, Hips and Pelvic Floor Series: 7 Pillars to a great pelvic floor + a 3 part progression exercise series tying in all the pillars + Access to the Closed Facebook Group
  • The Secret to Wrist Pain: Learn how to have pain free wrists during exercises like push ups and downward dogs.
  • Banish Back Pain: Over 15 of my favorite exercises to get your back strong forever.
  • New classes coming over the next few months:
  • Core and Pelvic Floor during Pregnancy: What you need to know to bounce back quickly
  • Complete Post-partum Series: Full 12 week program with daily workouts covering diastasis recti, pelvic floor, prolapse, getting back in shape, etc... It will take the guess work out of what you should be doing each week and how you should be progressing.
  • On the schedule for late Fall 2017
  • Train Your Core: A 12 Week Core Training Program to give you a core that works but a great looking stomach as well. Early 2018
  • Total Body Makeover: Look Great - Feel Great - Be Great: Complete guide to perfect posture to alleviate aches and pains and resonate confidence. Early 2018
  • Fitness on the Go: A complete resource for your hotel room workout plan. Summer 2018
  • Stress relief: Have a headache free neck that is tension free. Summer 2018
  • Glutes and Hips: Get a butt you are proud of and one that will push you up hills. Fall 2018