What is unique about Birthing From Within® classes?

“Women have to prepare for birth in their own heart and soul not their head . . . giving birth is something a woman does in her body, not in her head.” - Pam England

I invite you to expand your understanding and beliefs about birth during this class and your personal preparation.

Clients describe Rhythm of Birth classes as informative, thought provoking, engaging, empowering, and comforting.

* Focus on Pain Coping Practices

A strong emphasis is placed on helping you cultivate a pain-coping mindset.  Together, we explore ways to work with these sensations of labor without creating suffering.  The class includes active practice of pain-coping techniques along with demonstrations.

* Non-Judgmental Philosophy

This class prepares you for many of the scenarios of what birth can bring.  I do my best to help you feel prepared and have all the resources you need to experience the birth you desire, as well as have practical tools to help you navigate the unexpected surprises should your birth be different than you hope. You have the opportunity to expand your understanding of birth in a supportive atmosphere. 

*Postpartum Journey E-Course and Community of Support

The postpartum period is generally defined as the first 6 weeks following the birth of your baby. That period is referring, mainly, to the physical recovering and the transition of your body and baby through beginning breastfeeding. However, most care providers won’t tell you the mental and emotional journey can last up to 3 years.  Dr. Andra Brosh, a clinical psychologist, offers this statistic:  "50% - 80% of new mothers experience some form of anxiety or depression during the postpartum period, and many women find it hard to immediately bond and connect with their newborn."

  • Transition from pregnancy to postpartum
  • Prepare your heart emotionally and mentally to become a new parent
  • Gain confidence in mothering and caring for your baby
  • Care for your mind and body from birth and postpartum professionals
  • Gain peace of mind and embrace a blissful postpartum!  

Join a community of other mothers through live calls and a secret Facebook group.  We all need a tribe and support as we become parents! 

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Sneak Peek Inside Postpartum Journey Online Courses

*Refresher Classes- Birthin' Again classes honor what you already know about birth.

You have traveled your Birth Journey at least once and now your family is growing – If you are like many other parents, you did a lot of preparation for your first birth, but in the midst of the demands of parenthood, you may have found very little time and energy to focus on this birth.

Birthin' Again is a refresher class for all parents who have given birth before and are preparing for your next child -- regardless of what type of preparation you did for previous births. Birthin' Again classes are tailored to the couples participating. 

They may include:

  •  Processing your previous birth experience(s)
  •  An assessment of what worked last time
  •  Mindfulness/pain-coping practices
  • Ideas for celebrating this pregnancy and birth and creating your birth space.
  • A short review of the physical workings of labor and birth
  • Going deeper to explore your hopes, joys, worries, and emotional processes around birth and parenting again.
  • Honoring yourself as a re-emerging mother or father
  • Preparing siblings for birth and postpartum changes.

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® is a creative, nurturing, and personal way of preparing for birth and parenting. Visit Birthing From Within® to learn more.

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“The essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery, not assimilating obstetric information. I acknowledge that pain is an integral part of childbirth, but much can be done to ease suffering. Childbirth is a profound rite of passage, not a medical event (even when medical care is part of the birth).”
— Pam England