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What you REALLY need to know about Childbirth and Postpartum!

Have you heard that women SCREAM and FREAK OUT during labor?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way! Giving birth is as much about your mindset as it is a physical process. You can learn to shift your mindset, release your FEAR, and get out of your head (stages of labor) and into your body! You can't "think" your way through labor. 


You may forget INFORMATION!

It is true, in the heat of labor, you won't be thinking about the stages of labor or the facts you learned prenatally.  So, how do you prepare for the unexpected?

Ways to Prepare Mentally and Emotionally!

You will learn the importance of preparing internally for all aspects of labor and life with your new baby.  You will learn ways to cope with the unexpected and embrace your labor however it unfolds. 

Do I really need to prepare for labor and life with my baby?

Regardless of how you are planning to birth, it IS extremely important to learn and prepare for childbirth. Labor and "newborn-land" are very unpredictable. Being prepared emotionally and mentally for whatever comes will help you embrace the twists and turns with peace and calm. 


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