Childbirth and Postpartum Journey Payment Plan

4 monthly payments of $70.00 USD

Full access to all courses with videos, live calls, and a community of support from the comfort of your home!  Each module will be dripped to you periodically to keep you preparing and learning.

Inside the course you'll find:

  • Access a Live Pain Coping call

  • Learn how to choose a Care Provider

  • Learn about Doulas and how to choose one

  • Hear from a Family Physician about common questions couples ask their doctor in early pregnancy

  • Hear a "Great" Story: Part one of Inanna's Journey and how your journey relates (Part two is inside, "Your Postpartum Journey" Course)

  • Develop emotional and soul preparation for birth through a Labyrinth process

  • Access a Mother/Fatherhood visualization to prepare emotionally for parenthood

  • Get tips on Setting up the nursery- tips that might surprise you

  • Plan your Babymoon

  • Learn about the importance of prenatal massage

  • Learn prenatal nutrition from a certified health coach 

  • Learn from an herbalist and nutritionist on how to manage morning sickness and nausea

  • Learn about signs of Pre-term Labor 

  • Get 5 beautifully designed info-graphics to bring with you to reference during labor including: Stages of labor, 8 Most Important Tips to Ease Your Labor, Navigating "Labor Land", Partner Support, and Planning Postpartum 

  • Enjoy a 30 minute Prenatal Yoga session

  • Expert advice on newborn care and safety, family sleep,healing and rehabilitating your postpartum body, physical and psychological services,emotional preparation, and mindful visualizations.
  • Beautiful worksheets and downloads
  • SECRET VIP Facebook community of support
  • Live calls during the course
    ...And much more!

What People Are Saying:

Postpartum Journey taught me to slow down, stay present, and really reflect on the time following the birth of my baby. Moms, dads, and partners showed me that there are a wide range of emotions, all of which are very real. Doulas, nutritionists, and midwives suggested practical ways to take care of myself and my family. And the story of Inanna was a powerful metaphor for the psychological transition from the pre- to post- natal period. It is a reminder that I, too, will one day will have a story to share about this very sensitive time in my life.

Holly Grant

This course has helped me tremendously. I was eager to learn all aspects of the birthing experience as well as what to expect when the baby finally arrives. The videos were informative and allowed me to work at my own pace. The downloadable worksheets and video transcripts also made it possible to absorb the information in various ways. The best part of the video course is Shalene's expertise and added value by incorporating other experts in the course to propel me in the right direction from pregnancy to parenthood.

Shola Aladejebi

Postpartum Journey has something for everyone. The clean layout, relevant topics and realistic approach of this program impress me. My own son came one month early, and so I found myself with my hands and heart full, yet unprepared! I know that having so many valuable and encouraging resources organized and available would have really supported my journey. As a doula I will be recommending this course to my clients. I always wish I could be there in the postpartum sharing what I know, and cheering them through that amazing parenting transition. This course covers many items that I believe will benefit most, if not all, families in the postpartum. So whether your thing is wondering about newborn care, placenta encapsulation, sibling preparation or safe sleeping environments, recovery, nutrition, or partner co-caring this has you covered!

Tara Daystar

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