3 Course Bundle- Online Childbirth and Postpartum

$260.00 USD

Full access to all courses with videos, live calls, and a community of support from the comfort of your home! You can purchase the bundle or choose the payment plan; 4 monthly payments of $70 and get access to all courses!

In this bundle you get:

  • "A Unique Childbirth Preparation Experience" Course
  • "Preparing Prenatally for Postpartum" Course
  • "Your Postpartum Journey" Course
  • Bonus: Labor Tips Guide
  • Bonus: Labor Info-graphic Bundle

What People Are Saying:

It surprised me how helpful the labyrinth part of the e-course was. When I started the process of the labyrinth, I realized that I had to get past the threshold of fear in order to enjoy and embrace the journey of childbirth and motherhood. I also realized that before entering the journey I had to trust; trust in my body and my husband. The labyrinth helped me process my fears and left me feeling encouraged and ready to embrace birth and motherhood with a new perspective.

Tiffany- "Seasoned Mom"

The story of Inanna was a powerful metaphor for the psychological transition from the pre- to post- natal period. It is a reminder that I, too, will one day have a story to share about this very sensitive time in my life.

Holly- "Seasoned Mom"

I have found this course extremely helpful in preparing for both the practical and emotional elements of birth and the postpartum period. The story of “Inanna” had a strong impact on my preparation for birth and postpartum.

Jesseca- "New Mom"

This course was well worth the time and money. I really used the pain coping techniques I learned in this webinar during labor.

Vanessa- "New Mom"

Shalene really prepared our hearts and minds for the birthing process. I am a firm believer now that a lot of what you go through is the battle of the mind. There's a bigger battle that goes on with your mind and how you will respond to the pain. Shalene’s workshop was very helpful and prepares you to be confident and you learn practices to cope with pain.

Justine- "New Mom"

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