About Shalene Massie:

I am a wife, mother of 2 girls, certified Doula and Childbirth/ Postpartum Educator.  I have been mentoring parents since 2012 along their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.  

I am an advanced certified mentor through Birthing From Within®, owner of Rhythm of Birth Doula Services and Childbirth Education, creator of Postpartum Journey e-course, and lead coordinator of the NRV Birth Collective.

My experience living in the primitive culture of South Sudan gave me valuable insight into a woman's natural instinct to give birth and nurture her baby through the postpartum transition. Reflecting on taking my young baby to Sudan motivated me to create Postpartum Journey e-course.

Through the postpartum transition, I help parents cultivate their inner knowing as they nurture and guide their newborn.


  • Birthing From Within® Mentor and Doula Certification
  • Birthing From Within® Advanced Mentor Certification
  • Birthing From Within® Certification Retreat
  • Postpartum Depression Training
  • Birth Story Listening Training
  • Breast Feeding Workshop
  • Claire Marie Miller, "Nurturing the Mother" Certification

More about my journey to mentor parents:

I began to hear my call to mentor couples in their birth and postpartum journey when I became pregnant with my daughter Abigail in 2008. I met a Doula and hired her to assist in my birth.  As I was pregnant, I thought about the women I met living in South Sudan. I reflected upon the many women who give birth in Africa and other developing countries without the option of medicine or the care of a doctor. I am amazed by their primordial, instinctual, knowing and awareness of their bodies, moment to moment.  As I support women in birth, I help to cultivate this knowing and awareness.

 I received amazing support from my Doulas and my husband during both my births.  As a Doula and childbirth educator, during my second pregnancy with Sierra, I embodied the pain coping practices I teach.  In active labor, in the car through a blizzard, I remained deeply present and mindful. My Doula/massage therapist supported me as my husband guided us through the snow to our home where my daughter was born in a birth pool.  Through their support, both my birth experiences were beautiful and empowering. I truly felt like a strong warrior in each moment.

I believe every woman has the strength and knowledge within herself, and with the help of her birth team, to give birth mindfully and beautifully. 


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