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Your Postpartum Journey

A field guide as you are caring for your baby!


The nitty gritty details of what's inside:

The course is divided into modules and will be sent to your inbox weekly so you can move through the course at your own pace.  There are PDF downloads to help you as you prepare to enter into parenthood.

Learn about the binge worthy videos below!

Your heart preparation continues . . .

You begin with part two of Inanna's story and journey with her as she makes her postpartum return. Her story will help you prepare to embrace challenges and possible changes to your ideal plan of labor.  Inanna's journey is a symbolic rite of passage of your soul, like you will experience a rite of passage during your birth and postpartum period.

Have you wondered if babies come with an instruction manual?

Every baby is different, however you will get the basics to bring you peace of mind as you learn to care for your newborn. Binge on these 10 "Baby Basics" videos and feel ready for your baby!

Anxious about feeding your baby?

There are many questions, concerns, and stigmas that arise while learning to feed your baby. Get your questions answered, learn breastfeeding positions, and to recognize a proper latch while sitting cozy on your couch!

If you are not planning to breastfeed, you will feel supported while hearing from a mama about her experience letting go of nursing and deciding to exclusively bottle-feed.

Everyone says I am going to be exhausted! 

You are going to be TIRED! Yes, lack of sleep is one of the biggest challenges of postpartum. Newborns need to be fed through the night, their days and nights are mixed up, and some are more fussy than others. You will learn from a certified sleep consultant about baby sleep patterns and when they might need support and training to develop healthy sleep patterns so everyone will eventually get more rest!  

How can I prepare for parenthood with my partner?

Having a new baby can be an exciting and stressful time. New parents share their stories and tips to help you learn to work together and support each other in this huge transition in your life!

Encouraging stories from moms like you!

You will hear moms, that have been where you are, share their postpartum experiences. They offer their heartfelt encouragement that you can watch anytime. day or night, when you are feeling alone, exhausted, and discouraged. You will also hear moms share tips on transitioning back to work so you can begin to prepare emotionally and practically for being away from your baby.

Will my body ever be normal again?

It is OK to wonder if the baby pooch and excess baby weight will go away. Physical therapists share about rehab vs. exercise, what not to do, and ways to heal and strengthen your body postpartum. You will also learn, from nutritionists, ways to stay healthy before and after birth.

Can I get advice on parenting too?

Yes! Parenting experts from Bebo Mia share advice and tips for parenting a newborn.  Some of these may surprise you! 

I want to be practically and emotionally prepared for birth and the transition to parenthood!

Nice to meet you!

Shalene Massie; CD, CBE

Hi, I'm a wife, mother of 2 girls, certified Doula and Childbirth/ Postpartum Educator.  I have been mentoring parents since 2012 along their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys.  

I am an advanced certified mentor through Birthing From Within®, owner of Rhythm of Birth Doula Services and Childbirth Education, creator of Postpartum Journey e-course, and lead coordinator of the NRV Birth Collective.

You may be thinking. . .

“I am not sure I will have time, I feel overwhelmed with getting ready for the baby”.  

  • Much of the information is most helpful to know during pregnancy. There are audio downloads to make it convenient to listen and learn on the go or while you are preparing the nursery!
  • You can skip around through the course and view the videos that seem most important to you now and view the other videos, to serve as reminders and guides, when you have your baby.
  • You will have full, lifetime access to the courses. If the courses should ever "close", you will be notified and have time to finish viewing the modules and get all of the downloads.

“My pregnancy brain is real and I may forget to access the course”. 

  • I have you covered!  I fully understand pregnancy brain.  My midwife kept telling me I had it during pregnancy and I tried to deny it.
  • I will e-mail you weekly to remind you to access each module of the course and tell you abut live calls and how to join.

“This is not my first baby, I have already experienced postpartum.”

  • Through the fog of “newborn land” it may be difficult to recall everything you needed or wish you would have known then.
  • There are videos on preparing your family and nurturing your relationship with your partners as you grow your family! 

“There is so much to buy for getting ready for the baby; I don’t have the extra cash.” 

  • I want to make this as affordable as possible for you to have all of your questions answered (even the ones you don’t know you have) and have the support you need as you welcome your baby. 
  • There is a payment plan option of 4 payments of $70.
  • You, your baby, and your postpartum experience is WORTH THE INVESTMENT!

"I already had my baby."

  • There are many modules in the courses that will guide you as you navigate breastfeeding and your healing and strengthening of your body postpartum.
  • There are also modules that will guide you as you navigate the emotions of new parenthood.

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