Childbirth Classes

Birthing From Within® classes are for expectant couples seeking a holistic approach to childbirth education.  This class is designed to empower you and help you build confidence in yourself and your partner.  Your classes feature lively group discussion, role-plays, creative exercises and hands-on practice. 

Birthing From Within® is flexible and in-depth preparation for birth and parenthood. Whether you are planning a hospital or home-birth, having your first or subsequent child, hoping for a natural labor, or still exploring your options, you will learn how to remain present, mindful and involved no matter how labor unfolds. 

Space and time is allowed each class to practice useful pain coping techniques as you learn to develop a pain-coping mindset to prepare you for birth and all areas of your life! You and your husband/partner will learn valuable questions to ask and make decisions in labor.  You will learn the value of protecting your birth space and welcoming your baby.  Classes are not focused on a particular type of birth.  A special class is designed for partners/ husbands to explore your unique role in supporting the mother during the birth.

Through insightful lessons, a hands-on approach to pain-coping practices, and creative exercises intended to strengthen the bond between you and your support team, you will gain the skills, wisdom and confidence needed to surrender in birth and parenting.

Each class is individualized to meet the unique needs of its participants and takes place in a comfortable, nurturing environment, led by experienced mentor and doula Shalene Massie with Rhythm of Birth.

Want to know more about how you can prepare for your birth?  Please check out the website and information about doula support for your birth!  The next full class series begins January, 11th and runs for 6 consecutive Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm.