5 Tips For Labor

1. Environment

Your environment matters during birth.  When you feel safe and your environment is comfortable, you are able to release your mind and allow your body to ease into labor. Whether you are birthing in a hospital or at home, bring things that provide you comfort like; pillows, essential oils to enjoy relaxing smells, special fabric to decorate the space, battery powered candles (or real ones if at home) and soothing music.  It may be important to you to keep the lights dim and ask your support team to keep chatter to a minimum or quiet.  

2. Keep Moving & Rest

There is a dance of moving and resting during labor. When labor begins, (if it's daytime) you may want to keep moving and settle last minute things before you nestle into newborn land. If labor begins in the evening, TRY to sleep!  It is normal to feel anxious as you anticipate labor. Take a warm bath, drink chamomile tea, and try to shut your mind off and rest.
If you are transferring to the hospital, you will be greeted with an inviting bed.  When you are in labor, it is very tempting to go straight to the bed. The nurses may want you to lay in bed for a bit to be monitored.  But, don't get too comfortable. When the monitoring is off, get up and walk, sway, get on your hands and knees, and change positions in some way.   When you feel like resting, do! You may have a long labor ahead. 

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