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10 Quick Tips for How to Survive the Summer While Pregnant

Uncategorized May 21, 2018

Winter has FINALLY past!  But, I think we have skipped Spring in my area of Virginia.  Summer seems to be fast approaching! 

I was so thankful to not be in my third trimester with either pregnancy during the Summer. 

So, how do you make it through when you are so uncomfortable with a growing belly, maybe swollen, and HOT?

Here are 10 Tips for How to Survive the Summer While Pregnant:

1) Avoid the heat as much as possible. 

Stay inside, when you can. If you don't have air conditioning, invest in some window or floor fans.  Enjoy a trip to a mall for some "mall walking" time and sip a cool drink while enjoying the air conditioning. 

2) Stay Hydrated!

This is important at any point during pregnancy and regardless if outside temperature.  Always make sure to get enough fluids: it’s recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses per day, plus another 8-ounce glass for every hour spent outside in the summer heat.

Treat yourself to a fun new water bottle!  Also, get a huge pitcher and/or a small portable infuser water bottle so you can place fruits like berries and watermelon, or veggies like cucumbers, in it.

3) Go to the pool or get a kiddie pool to break in before your child does! 

You will cool down, get some exercise and enjoy relaxing your body!  Also, the water will lift the weight of pregnancy off the body bringing wonderful relief. 

If you are in the kiddie pool, put a lawn chair in and let your feet hang in the water.  Don't forget a good book.  Or, watch the online childbirth course, "A Unique Childbirth Preparation Experience"!

*A bonus- the weightlessness may assist in a more optimal fetal position which can assist in a shorter and less painful birth.

4) Try to reduce your sodium intake. 

Reducing the amount of salt you eat will in turn reduce swelling.  Be careful, though and don’t eliminate salt completely, because it contains iodine, a vital mineral for the growth of a healthy baby.

5) Take your rings off. 

Unfortunately, your fingers are going to be one of the first places that starts to swell, and as soon as you notice it start to happen, remove them. 

6) Use damp washcloths.

Put one on your neck or forehead and you’ll feel much cooler!

7) Use a misting bottle. 

Spraying cool water on your face and bottle is so refreshing! 

8) Keep your feet elevated. 

Keeping your feet elevated helps you relax and also helps with reducing your swollen feet. It is believed that edema gets worst during the summer and so you need to take precaution. Reducing sodium intake helps reduce swollen feet and combat water retention.

9) Get Summer snacks and fruit.  

Make fruit chillers or iced snacks; watermelon, frozen popsicles, and smoothies. 

10)  Wear breathable, light clothing.

Have fun with flowy dresses and sandals.  Tanks, and light weight shorts. 

Do you have any ideas to survive the Summer heat?  Post in the comments below! 

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