Training and support from Baby Bump to Toddler-hood . . . for peace of mind as you prepare for your birth and postpartum to minimize the baby blues. 

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Learn what you need to know to prepare for your birth and the mothering years.

I know you are excited about being pregnant and preparing for your birth! Worried about the pain of labor?  I hear ya!  It is NORMAL to be afraid of the pain.  Learning to cope with pain in childbirth isn’t just for the super crunchy!  However you plan to birth, being prepared mentally for labor and the unexpected; exhaustion, medical interventions, and difficult decisions that arise is crucial to experiencing peace and embracing your birth and postpartum experience.  These courses incorporate Birthing From Within® Principles. 


Preparing for Birth & Postpartum

It is so important to prepare for labor AND prepare for life after birth.  You can begin preparing during pregnancy to minimize the risk of postpartum depression and experience postpartum peace, joy, and  . . . bliss as you are caring for your baby. Here is a little secret, the postpartum period is NOT defined as a disorder or disease.  It is not just the first 6 weeks after your baby is born.  It's about the transition after birth AND navigating the early years with your child.  It is crucial to have guidance, a plan, and support during pregnancy, birth, and through the toddler years!

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"I have found this course extremely helpful in preparing for both the practical and emotional elements of birth and the postpartum period." ~ Jesseca

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Being pregnant, you enter a whole new world! It is exciting and can feel overwhelming. You may be feeling a bit anxious as you anticipate your birth and the transition of having a baby. This is normal! While getting cozy in your home, you will get the tools and guidance you need to feel confident and ready to birth and care for your baby! You have personal access to me through messenger, e-mail, and live video calls to get your questions answered and to meet your unique needs.

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As you begin to feel the kicks and wiggles of your baby, your focus shifts to giving birth. What about the pain?  Yes, labor involves pain. But, you don’t have to feel like you are suffering!  

In course one of a three part series; you will learn valuable ways to cope with the pain of labor without experiencing suffering so you can enjoy the moment, feel at peace, and enjoy your labor!

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Planning Now for After Birth

As you are getting closer to your birth, your focus begins to shift as you think about preparing for life with your baby.  

Remember your favorite story as a kid?  Stories sink much deeper into your heart than practical information.  In course two, you will listen deeply to a story of a woman's journey to prepare your mama heart and your soul journey from birth to postpartum. You will also learn practical ways to prepare during pregnancy to care for your baby and yourself to ease your transition to motherhood and experience joy in those early months. 

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The Motherhood Journey Continues

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Feeling huge, swollen feet, and overwhelmed with much to do while putting finishing touches on the nursery? Maybe you are already snuggling your baby in your arms!  

In part three, you will get the training you need for caring for your baby and continue preparing to mentally embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood. 

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Struggling with a Difficult Birth Experience?

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You birth story matters. No matter how you birthed, your story will stay with you for life. I offer one-on-one mentoring and a program to help you heal from your experience.

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Well, pregnancy brain IS real and it is difficult to remember everything you have learned to prepare for labor. You will get beautifully designed workbooks to take notes and info-graphics to have with you to reference including; Stages of Labor, Partner Support, Tips for Labor, How to Have Peace in Labor.

Prenatal Yoga

Enjoy a prenatal yoga session with instructor Betsy Walker.  Yoga is a gentle way to prepare your body for labor. 

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You can ask me anything and I will guide you, help you process your birth,  encourage you, and answer your questions.

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This course was well worth the time and money. I really used the mindfulness techniques and information I learned during labor." ~ Vanessa

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Free Childbirth & Postpartum Training!

Have you heard that women SCREAM and FREAK OUT during labor?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way! Giving birth is as much about your mindset as it is a physical process. You can learn to shift your mindsetrelease your FEAR, and get out of your head (stages of labor) and into your body! You can't "think" your way through labor.  Get 4 videos sent to your inbox!