Being a Doula Helps Me to Be a Better Mother!

May 10, 2018

Today, as my 4 year old slowly crawled out of her bed, she softly laid her head on my shoulder pulling her blanket over her back. I was getting ready to take her to her nanny and go to a meeting. I needed to hurry to gather our things and head out the door. But she, still sleepy eyed, just laid on my shoulder very still.

 In that moment, I realized,

               EMBRACING the sweetness of the moment,

                                       taking time,

                                                LETTING GO,

                                                            HOLDING space for her,

                                                                       BEing PRESENT,

                                that being a Doula has helps me to be a better Mother.

This is what I have learned and experienced while supporting couples in their birth.  I have learned to embody calmness, gentleness, peace, reverence of sacred space . . . this is how I guide women in labor.

Holding my daughter tenderly as she wakes from her nap, finding moments to play with my girls and nurture them in the midst of being on call for births, client meetings, administrative work, keeping the home .  .  . those moments are sacred.

Holding the space, being present, bringing calmness and gentleness to the birth space for women in labor. . . is sacred.

I am honored to be a Mother and honored to be a Doula.        

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