Choosing Your Care Provider and Doula Support

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2017


Watch the video below to learn the importance of carefully choosing your care provider, birth support, and Doula.

Your birth is sacred.

You need to feel safe and secure with the people you choose to enter into that space. 

You need to feel supported and encouraged.

You need to feel that you can completely let go during your birth.

You need to feel supported with your birth preferences.

You need to feel you can trust their guidance and suggestions as labor unfolds.

It is important to ask for recommendations from trusted friends and interview several providers. 

Put the above statements into a question to ask yourself.  

Do you feel . . . when you are with the provider? 

Post in the comments below your experience choosing your provider and birth support team. 

Ask questions about preparing for your birth!

Learn how you can prepare for your birth and cope with pain, however you plan to birth, HERE. 

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