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Uncategorized Feb 07, 2018

Do you have growing girls?  Have you wondered about teaching girly things and sensitive topics as your girl matures? Well, now there is a fabulous girls course, that I have been reviewing, to help you teach your daughter(s) about sensitive girly topics and how to view her body in a beautiful and healthy way!

As a Doula and Childbirth Educator, I get pretty close and raw to women birthing babies and their woman parts. I get deep and personal with their emotions about their growing bellies as their babies grow.  I am in the intimate place as they have cervical exams and are vulnerable with a circle of people staring at them in the raw beauty of their naked bodies.

It is my desire for my clients to view their growing pregnant bodies and postpartum bodies as beautiful and enjoy the feeling of their changing bodies.  I desire for new mamas to feel comfortable and safe as they bear themselves during labor and postpartum as they learn to nurse their baby, if that is what they choose to do.

I believe beginning to talk about the beauty of the female body begins at an early age.  I believe teaching girls to respect their bodies and to expect others to respect their bodies can encourage a healthy experience in all aspects of the teenage years, young womanhood, labor, birth, postpartum, and womanhood. I am so excited that Beth Learn of Fit2B, an online fitness studio, has created this Girls Course!

Check out my interview with Beth Learn about the Girls Course HERE!

“Fit2B Girls is a radically different body education course for young girls ages 9-14. If you’re raising a girl, you will love how this course empowers her to respect her body and keep it healthy. It’s not about sex or boys. It’s just all about girls.
— Bethany

Abigail, my 8 year old, and I have been watching the videos that are appropriate for her age.   The beauty of the course layout is, the lessons are organized and can be broken down into topics that are appropriate for your daughter's age. You can file other lessons in the back of your mind, like menstruation, how to use a tampon, and other period products for when your girl is in that season. 

Here are a few reasons I love this course:

First, it’s broken down into small chunks, a short video accompanying each topic along with a written portion as well. Each topic has a note from Beth expressing some of her thoughts and notes on the topic and then each section closes with a short and simple quiz. to review what was covered. The videos are short enough to hold attention and not get into too much detail but yet, enough to cover the subject and teach the girls.

Next, Beth invited other "experts" and moms to chat about girly things like make-up, hair, and clothes!  These videos give girls a healthy perspective of fashion and beauty and being comfortable exploring the world of make-up and fashion; at whatever age you, as mom, feel is appropriate for your daughter to begin exploring these topics.

Plus, this course is still growing and when you purchase it now, not only will you have access to it forever, but as new content gets added, you will have that automatically as well. 

You can review it and purchase it Here for $39.99!

*As an affiliate of Fit2B, by you clicking on, and purchasing through the links I provide, I receive a percentage of that sale.

Please post your comments, questions, or thoughts below on how you plan to teach your daughter about being a girl!  Also, let me now if you get the course and we can discuss it together!  If you don't have a daughter, share this with a friend who does!

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