Pooping During Labor?

May 01, 2018

I have been thinking much about this subject and how it affects women as they prepare for their birth.  It comes up often in my classes and one that I have become. . .  yes  . . .  passionate about! 

I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning with a woman who has 2 young kids.  "POOPING in Labor"  is not a typical table conversation over coffee.  But, me being curious and . . .  passionate about the topic, I laid it out.  Of course the woman laughed and agreed it is a topic that is seldom, if ever, discussed among women and one that needs to be! 


There is so much that can be discussed about pooping in labor.  The main thing to remember, the pressure of the baby's head pushes on the same nerve that gives  you the sensation to have a bowel movement, when you are nearing completion of dilation. When you are pushing, it is exactly like having a bowel movement. When you are anxious about pooping, you may be hindering being effective at pushing the baby out.

Get ready to talk about the things NO ONE talks about...

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