Preparing Prenatally for Postpartum

Postpartum or postnatal is generally defined as the first 6 weeks following the birth of your baby. That period is referring, mainly, to the physical recovering and the transition of your body and baby through beginning breastfeeding. 

However, most care providers won’t tell you the mental and emotional journey can last up to 3 years.  Many new mothers experience some form of anxiety or depression during the postpartum period, and find it hard to immediately bond and connect with their newborn.

You may be focused on your pregnancy and preparing for birth, and not thinking much about preparing for postpartum.

Most couples share how overwhelmed they felt and unexpectedly hard it was caring for a baby.  It is so important to start planning now to have support systems and a plan in place to set yourself and your family up to experience peace and joy in those early days.

It became my mission to prepare parents to minimize the risk of postpartum depression and guide you to have a positive experience, so I created Postpartum Journey online course. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed with much to do and so much information as you prepare for your birth.

I get it!

This course is easily accessible to view from home from any device and is divided into 2 parts.  You can begin with course 1 to view earlier in pregnancy and get course 2 closer to your birth or when you have your baby in your arms. 

Some videos in course 2 are valuable to watch during pregnancy such as breastfeeding and prenatal nutrition.  You can also skip around to view the videos most relevant to you in your season.

Humans are hardwired for needing deep emotional connection. Newborns are intensely dependent on you to meet their needs emotionally and physically.

It is extremely important for you to be in a positive place emotionally to meet your baby’s needs.  

In this course, you will begin preparing your heart emotionally by hearing part one of a Great Story about a woman named Inanna.  You will learn how her journey parallels the journey of birth.  You will continue part 2 of her journey and postpartum Return in Course 2.

There is much more information and ways to prepare for newborn land inside the course.  I look forward to seeing  you on live calls that will be posted in the secret Facebook group included in the course where you will have access to myself and others for direct support to share concerns and get more questions answered. 

 From the comfort of your home, you will learn how to:

  • Transition from pregnancy to postpartum
  • Uncover the myths about the postpartum period
  • Find the support and services to help you in the early days
  • Cope with the unexpected through preterm-labor, miscarriage, or stillbirth
  • Prepare your heart emotionally for birth and parenthood
  • Gain peace of mind and embrace a blissful postpartum!  
  • Join a community of other mothers through live calls and a secret Facebook group. 

We all need a tribe and support as we become parents! 

To begin preparing for life after birth, register for Postpartum Journey! To learn more click here. 

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