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Struggling with a Difficult Birth?

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2018

You birth story matters. No matter how you birth, your story and experience will stay with you for life.


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If your birth did not go as you were hoping or “ideal”, it can be very discouraging and disappointing. It is common for our culture and possibly your circle of friends to say, “But you had a healthy baby!”  Of course you are thankful your baby is healthy, in my mind your experience and the health of the baby are two separate entities.

Yes, your birth experience matters down deep in your soul.

If you had a hard or traumatic birth experience, this may drive you to do a lot of research and mull over the questions trying to figure out what happened and why it went the way it did. It may be clouding your whole postpartum experience and possibly leading to postpartum depression or anxiety.

You may be researching ways to avoid having the same experience if you were to get pregnant again. This can lead to more discouragement and grief as you compare yourself to other people who had a “better” experience.  

You may be trying to rationalize what happened and looking for people or things to blame for how your experience went.

Having these thoughts are normal as you navigate a hard experience.  If you had a hard or traumatic experience and it did not go how you hoped, it is so important that you find help to process and heal from your birth.

I offer one-on-one mentoring and a program to help you heal from your experience.

If you desire to have another baby, I can help you process your last birth and prepare for your next, so you won't carry excess negative emotion into your next birth.

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