Virtual Doula Services

  • Free 15 Minute Meet and Greet via Zoom (All calls will be video via Zoom)
  • Consultations with the pregnant mama/ couple
  • Consultations with the couple preparing for birth
  • Consultations with the person planning to act as local doula (if one) during labor & delivery
  • Help coming up with questions for heath care provider
  • Review of medical interventions, options, risks and benefits
  • Review of tools to ease discomfort and help labor to progress
  • Exercises given for deep breathing and connecting with baby
  • Assistance writing and editing a simple birth plan
  • Access to online Childbirth/ Postpartum Courses including live video calls for learning to cope with the pain of labor
  • Consultations postpartum for processing your birth story
  • Calls to discuss inevitable questions during fourth trimester

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