FREE Mini Childbirth & Postpartum Online Training!

Virtual Doula Services

  • Free 15 Minute Meet and Greet via Zoom (All calls will be video via Zoom)
  • 2 video prenatal consultations with the you
  • Unlimited text and video call support during labor to remind you of the pain coping practices you learned in the online courses, give you ideas for positioning to encourage labor progress, and to give your partner ideas of how to support you. 
  • Help coming up with questions for heath care provider
  • Review of medical interventions, options, risks and benefits
  • Review of tools to ease discomfort and help labor to progress
  • Learn pain coping practices to cope with the intensity of labor. 
  • Access to online 3 part Childbirth/ Postpartum Courses including live video calls for learning to cope with the pain of labor and help you feel 100% ready for birth and postpartum! 
  • Consultations postpartum for processing your birth story
  • Calls to discuss inevitable questions during fourth trimester

Message me HERE if you are interested in virtual doula support.


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