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Being pregnant, you enter a whole new world! It is exciting and can feel overwhelming. You may be feeling a bit anxious as you anticipate your birth and the transition of having a baby.

This is normal! I will guide you each step of the way and you will feel confident and ready to birth and care for your baby!

As your Doula, we will meet at least twice before your birth and you will receive one prenatal and one postpartum and massage/ visit.  I will be on call for you for your birth and provide the support detailed on the doula page and that we discussed in our initial meeting. 

As my client, you receive a discount on the courses.  These prices are only for doula clients. 

In the 3 part online course series, from the comfort of your home, you will:

  • learn to cultivate a pain-coping mindset and prepare your heart and soul for the experience of labor and parenthood.
  • learn practical information such as: Stages of Labor, Positions for Labor, and Optimal Fetal Positioning, etc. 
  • find the support and guidance you need for birth and beyond.
  • get valuable information on nutrition, healing, and strengthening during pregnancy and postpartum. 
  • learn about feeding and caring for your baby. 
  • get expert advice from professionals and parents as they answer questions and guide your preparations. 
  • have the tools you need to prepare for labor and welcoming your baby! 
  • learn to transition from pregnancy to postpartum.
  • uncover the myths about the postpartum period.
  • find the support and services to help you in the early days after birth.
  • learn to cope with the unexpected through preterm-labor, miscarriage, or stillbirth.
  • prepare your heart and soul emotionally for birth and parenthood.
  • feel confident while breastfeeding and trouble shoot possible problems.
  • understand healthy sleep patterns with your baby and find the support you need.
  • prepare as a family for your new baby.
  • nurture your relationship with your partner.
  • minimize the risk of postpartum depression.
  • learn to transition back to work.
  • gain peace of mind and embrace a blissful postpartum!
  • . . . and much more!

Most couples share how overwhelmed they felt and unexpectedly hard it was caring for a baby.  It is so important to start planning now to have support systems and a plan in place to set yourself and your family up to experience peace and joy in those early days.

This course is easily accessible to view from home from any device and is divided into 3 parts. You will enjoy binge watching short videos and getting ready for your birth and newborn! 

Message me HERE if you are interested in doula support. 


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