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Live Birthing From Within Pain Coping Class

This class focuses on developing a pain-coping mindset, pain-coping practices, and processes to deepen your determination and ability to cope with the intensity of labor.

When I talk to moms about childbirth and ask what they are most anxious about, their response is most definitely . . . the pain!

Regardless of how you plan to birth, with or without medication, the experience can be intense mentally and physically.

It is important to understand the pain coping mindset and the “normal” pain of labor. There is a difference between pain and suffering. 

Breath awareness, Non-focused Awareness, Edges, and Circular Breathing, are ways of coping with the pain/ intensity in labor that you can also use to stay mindful while comforting a crying baby.

These techniques just might help you stay mindful and calm through your toddler’s first tantrum! They sure help me with my 3 year old's tantrums. 😬


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